Own Your Health

Updated: Mar 3

It can be tempting not to think about your health until something goes wrong. As long as nothing hurts or slows you down, you can focus on something else, right?

That’s certainly how I thought about it growing up.

Today, as an adult and a mother, I can appreciate that some of the choices I make may not have an immediate impact, but will help or harm me in the long run. Like wearing sunscreen on my face. Every. Single. Day. (I’m sooo glad I started doing that decades ago!) Or wearing a seatbelt. Or getting my kids flu shots. The list is long. The impact of daily habits on the inside of your body is even less visible in the short term, but more impactful over time.

Over the course of your lifetime, YOU shape your health much more than any doctor or hospital. You’re the one who decides whether and when to seek professional care, and how to follow up. Your choices can even influence how your genes express themselves.

Though you may not think about it consciously, you’re the one in charge of your health. So step into the role--own it. You may just feel and look better--not just in some distant future, but starting right now.

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