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Host Lygeia Ricciardi interviews inspiring leaders and innovators about health apps, cool tech gadgets, smart home technology and self care.

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give back

Now you can clear out some clutter, support the environment, and help underserved populations improve their health by recycling your old tracker. We interviewed RecycleHealth founder Dr. Lisa Gualtieri of Tufts School of Medicine. 

empower yourself

Rahul Kak is the VP of Customer Health and Experience at Aetna-CVS. His team is revolutionizing what it means to navigate the healthcare system using data analytics tools to empower you—the consumer—in making healthier, well-informed decisions.

get inspired and connect

Jimmy Choi is an American Ninja Warrior who holds world records in pushups and burpees. He's also a Parkinson's patient. Jimmy leverages social media and 3D printing to solve real-world problems, educate, and inspire others.

look good and feel great

Hear from Wayne Liu of Perfect Corp, the world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) software for skin care and makeup. New tech makes it possible to analyze skin problems and find the right products to treat them from afar. 

healthcare your way

Thanks to COVID-19, many healthcare services are now available virtually from your home. We interviewed national health tech expert Dr. Geeta Nayyar about what's changed and what you can expect well beyond the pandemic.

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