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about adarose

Learn why we started AdaRose and join other powerful women on the journey to better health, less hassle, and more fun!

our mission

To enhance health & wellness

in the context of everyday life.

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You may be a busy professional, parent, caregiver, or all of the above. You serve as the unofficial “Chief Health Officer” of the family: planning, doing, carrying the mental load for everyone. 


Even for a powerful woman, it’s a lot, even without a global pandemic. Who is taking care of you? 


You deserve a break, a chance to relax and rejuvenate through a moment of luxury and self care. A week on a tropical island would definitely help. But it doesn’t always fit into your busy schedule (or your budget).

That’s why we’re crafting wellness experiences for you to enjoy from the comfort and convenience of home. We’ll bring you a unique combination of skin care and soul care using both virtual and physical elements that delight your senses. 


If you’d like to know when our experiences are ready, subscribe for weekly updates and blog posts to keep you inspired on your health and wellness journey. And let us know if you’d like to be a product tester. 


We welcome both powerful women and the men who support them—thank you!

"AdaRose gives me fresh ideas that I can easily try so I feel like I am doing something healthy for myself without much effort." 

About 10 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby with a hole in her heart. A cardiologist advised immediate open heart surgery. But my husband and I did our homework: with the Internet and a rented medical-grade scale, we tracked our daughter’s feedings and weight, read a lot, asked questions, and connected with other families with similar kids. 


Ultimately we got an opinion from another cardiologist who listened, reviewed the data we helped to collect, and advised watching and waiting instead of surgery. Our daughter Ada (Rose) is now a healthy tween, and we’re grateful to have avoided the risk, trauma, and expense of major surgery in her first few months of life.


The company name AdaRose honors our daughter, Ada, who owes her health in part to the efforts her Dad and I made to use every tool available to do what was best for her.


My personal experience and my professional experience in engaging and empowering patients as partners in their health inspires me to help others. Especially the women who are increasingly using digital health and other tools to step into their power: improving health and wellness for themselves and their families with less hassle and more joy. 


I’m so glad you’re here, and look forward to continuing this journey with you! 





the adarose

our team

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Lygeia Ricciardi

CEO and Founder

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Lauren Creech

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Operations Manager

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