Did you know that what you do everyday impacts your health & wellbeing more than anything else? More than doctors, more than medicine, even more than your genes, choices you make about your health impact how you feel & even how long you live.  Women in particular take the lead on self-care, food, home, & make more than 80% of healthcare choices. 

We built AdaRose to help everyday people like you take advantage of the changes going on all around us to reframe your relationship to health & healthcare. With an explosion of new technologies ranging from social media to sensors, smart assistants, & 3D printing, you can own your health in way you never could before.


It's like having a superpower: now you can prevent & diagnose problems, personalize treatments to fit your preferences, measure your progress through data, & partner closely with doctors & other experts to guide & support you when you need them.  


Even though health is serious, we don't always have to be serious about it. Using social media to help people understand & navigate Parkinson's with straight talk & a laugh about taboo topics like constipation--that's health. Using smartphones & artificial intelligence (AI) to improve your skin & find a gorgeous new shade of lipstick that makes you feel great--that's health, too! 

AdaRose is partly about sharing inspiring, exciting stories, experiences & tools with you, but we also want to learn from each other. What technologies, products & people have you seen that are making health better? What health challenges do you want to solve with technology? Share your priorities so we can focus on them next, together!  [LINK TO FORUM--I want to ADD QUESTION TO THE DISCUSSION AREA: WHAT ARE SOME OF THE WAYS YOU'VE SEEN TECHNOLOGY IMPACT HEALTH? WHAT HEALTH CHALLENGES WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO SOLVE WITH TECH?] 

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OUR Story

Hi, I'm Lygeia 

I believe passionately that each of us has the power to shape the course of our own lives in a way that is healthy, productive, and fun. I'm curious & excited about how we can leverage emerging technologies to get there.  


So far I've spent my career at the cutting edge of digital health, shaping national policies and building companies that empower consumers & patients to use health data & tools to partner with their doctors & achieve their own goals through technology.


Along the way I've learned the most from the experiences of everyday patients & people who are using technology to improve their own health. I started AdaRose to share what I've learned & to continue to collaborate with others who are committed to actively pursuing their best lives.  


I named AdaRose after one of my daughters--it's about imagining & creating the kind of tomorrow I want for both of my girls, & for the rest of us.!

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