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Learn why we started AdaRose and join other powerful women on the journey to better health, less hassle, and more fun!

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To help you achieve better health and wellness with less hassle and more joy.

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Who makes 80% of the health and healthcare decisions for families? Women do. ​

You may be a busy professional, mom, daughter, or all of the above. Or maybe you're a supportive partner or friend who serves as or supports the unofficial “Chief Health Officer” in your family. 


Regardless, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the stress and frustration of navigating conflicting health advice and a confusing—even dangerous—healthcare system. Not to mention literally thousands of new health apps, gadgets, and services.

We bring you highlights from the quickly changing world of health apps, services, and cool tech gadgets, plus the practical guidance to decide which ones to bring into your busy life. 


We’re also offering healthy experiences that genuinely make good health feel great. Now you can do what’s good for you and your family, and actually have fun along the way. 


AdaRose brings you modern health solutions for your modern life.

"AdaRose gives me fresh ideas that I can easily try so I feel like I am doing something healthy for myself without much effort." 

About 10 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby with a hole in her heart. A cardiologist advised immediate open heart surgery. But my husband and I did our homework: with the Internet and a rented medical-grade scale, we tracked our daughter’s feedings and weight, read a lot, asked questions, and connected with other families with similar kids. 


Ultimately we got an opinion from another cardiologist who listened, reviewed the data we helped to collect, and advised watching and waiting instead of surgery. Our daughter Ada (Rose) is now a healthy tween, and we’re grateful to have avoided the risk, trauma, and expense of major surgery in her first few months of life.


The company name AdaRose honors our daughter, Ada, who owes her health in part to the efforts her Dad and I made to use every tool available to do what was best for her.


My personal experience and my professional experience in engaging and empowering patients as partners in their health inspires me to help others. Especially the women who are increasingly using digital health and other tools to step into their power: improving health and wellness for themselves and their families with less hassle and more joy. 


I’m so glad you’re here, and look forward to continuing this journey with you! 





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